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Warmly congratulate the company signed the information communication industrial park in Zhejiang Communication Room open cooling tower equipment project

Time:2014/4/29 Click:3301Times
January 2014, the company signed the Zhejiang Information and Communication Industrial Park, open the communication room cooling tower equipment project, China Mobile Zhejiang Information and Communication Industrial Park is located in Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, as the province's largest TD communications industry development base, China Mobile Zhejiang Information After the completion of the communication industry park, China Mobile will set up mobile phone reading base, communication room, IDC room and cloud computing center, warehousing and logistics center, creative research and development center, value-added business research and development center, China Mobile Zhejiang company partners R & One.
  The project covers an area of about 183.678 acres, plans to invest 3 billion yuan, with a total construction area of about 287,000 square meters, the company provided the project through the CTI certification of galvanized steel cross-flow cooling tower, the cooling tower is fully able to reach the communications room For the harsh environmental temperature and humidity requirements, and play the ultimate performance.