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National Innovation Fund key project "efficient cross flow closed cooling tower" project passed the acceptance

Time:2014/4/29 Click:2902Times
On the afternoon of December 8, 2012, the acceptance project of "High Efficiency Cross Flow Cooling Tower", sponsored by the company and supported by the cooling technology knowledge service team of the School of Energy and Power of Shanghai University of Science and Technology, was held in our city. "High efficiency cross flow closed cooling tower" project in September 2010 project, is the year from the tens of thousands of innovative fund project selected out of one of the 110 key projects. The leaders of the inspection and acceptance committee include Cao Jianping, Director of the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Zhu Zuchao, Deputy Director of the Office of Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province, Pan Xinliang, Deputy Director of Shaoxing Science and Technology Bureau;
    Project leader Zhang Lixin on behalf of the project team reported the completion of the project. The project uses enhanced closed cooling tower heat and mass transfer, the application of synergies principle to optimize heat and mass transfer and flow characteristics, the combination of thermal plastic and capillary, made of heat transfer module for the closed cooling tower and evaporative cooler , To achieve a highly efficient energy-saving; innovative design of the cross-flow closed cooling tower water distributor coil unit combination, the use of engineering plastic coil, to achieve low-temperature freeze-resistant coil; products with easy replacement, compact, high thermal efficiency, Small volume and can be the overall assembly and so on. Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang University of Technology technical experts and the participating financial experts, project management experts in the completion of the project on the basis of the quality of the project put forward a lot of valuable advice, after rigorous closed-door panel of experts, the project final To high marks passed the acceptance.
    After the acceptance, Cao Jianping, director of highly affirmed the production and research in the national innovation system in the role of the hope that the company further deepen cooperation, make persistent efforts to make greater contributions to the cooling technology innovation. Zhu Zuchao, deputy director of the Institute of Technology, Shanghai University of Cooling Technology Knowledge Service team in service innovation in Zhejiang enterprises made outstanding contributions expressed thanks.